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High Cholesterol - Why Me?

High cholesterol is a serious problem among 13 million Americans. Unless you monitor your cholesterol levels on a consistent basis you would never know that your levels are high. In America a loved one dies every 34 seconds from cholesterol and its effects. There are no symptoms. Cholesterol is initially a silent friend who over time turns into an enemy.

High Cholesterol - Why Me?

What we have to remember is that cholesterol is not bad. In fact our bodies need it in certain amounts to carry out various functions. Our problems arise when we have high cholesterol levels. Additionally, too much of the wrong type can be fatal.

The build up of cholesterol ushers us into heart disease. Thats the real danger that over one million Americans will come face to face with every year. I say Americans but many developed countries face the same silent killer.

The most horrible aspect of high cholesterol and early death is that they are preventable. Our precious loved one should not have died so soon. Many people say that it was their time to die. That is not true in every instance.

When you continually drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, neglect to exercise, eat all kinds of junk and fast food you are setting yourself up for problems. They may not come at the time you are enjoying your vices but come they will.

Our wonderful bodies do not forget. They are very forgiving, but some of the damage we do to ourselves through diet is pure punishment. When it is time to pay the piper many cry out why me? But take a look back down memory lane.

It is your body that now remembers the beating it took. I always ask this piercing question. If you destroy your body, where else are you going to live?