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High Cholesterol Is Associated With Erectile Dysfunction

High Cholesterol Is Associated With Erectile Dysfunction

Gentlemen if youre experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) theres a chance that your high cholesterol could be causing the problem. If your cholesterol levels are above 240 your risk of ED doubles compared to men with levels below 180.

High Cholesterol Is Associated With Erectile Dysfunction

If you have problems getting and/or keeping an erection during sex you may have ED. The problem may not be constant but should be a warning sign that something is wrong

Bad cholesterol (ldl) builds substances known as plaque in the walls of your arteries thus decreasing the blood flow that is needed to maintain an erection.

Blood pressure and certain medications will also cause ED.

If you think that you have high cholesterol you should see your doctor to get a cholesterol test and discuss ways to lower your levels. Your doctor may also place your on medication for ED.

If you do not like taking a lot of different medicines you may want to try some of the better herabl products that's on the market today.

These are some things you can do prior to seeing your doctor:

  • Stop smoking if you smoke

  • Include more fiber in your diet and cut down on saturated fats

  • Start taking an Omega 3 supplement such as Krill Oil. You should start an exercise regiment to increase blood flow but only after you have seen your doctor.

This problem is common... youre not the only one affected by it and treatment is available.