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Cholesterol Calculation And Tests: A Key To Healthy Life

 Cholesterol Calculation And Tests: A Key To Healthy Life

Calculating cholesterol becomes mandatory for one who is above forty. Yes, despite being an essential component of our body, excess of it could affect our body adversely and it gets deposited in more than required amount.

Cholesterol Calculation And Tests: A Key To Healthy Life

Cholesterol once deposited in excess amount triggers off a campaign to disrupt your number of physiological functions and specifically what falls prey to it, is your circulatory system. You may end up suffering from partial or complete blockage of your arteries due to additional amount of cholesterol in blood that in turn facilitates a stroke or coronary artery disease. If you want to get rid of excess cholesterol and in particular LDL or bad cholesterol first you need to know whether you are afflicted with high cholesterol. That's when various methods of calculating cholesterol come handy.

If you constantly keep an eye over your cholesterol level through periodic calculation tests, you would be able to save yourself from hypertension and heart diseases. Various methods of fat calculation could also give you an indication of soaring cholesterol level. For a diabetic person cholesterol calculation on a regular basis is no less important than taking diabetic medication. (Read: cholesterol screening at home)

There could be no better way than calculating cholesterol through simple blood test that gives away a precise account of various cholesterol counts. This test could be conducted at any of the medical testing lab. Twelve to fourteen hours fasting is a prerequisite with this test. You are also made to refrain from liquors two days in advance before the test. The test calculates four different counts of cholesterol. These are, Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Triglyceride. The test is medically known as Lipoprotein analysis.

Total cholesterol count should come around two hundred mg per dL in people with normal cholesterol level. Above 200 mg is an alarming sign and once it crosses two hundred and forty you are in danger. Total cholesterol must be calculated by averaging two lipoprotien analysis. The other measurement is of HDL that must not be less than forty mg per dL. Preferred range of HDL to keep you healthy is between fifty to sixty mg per dL. LDL count must be less than 160 mg to ensure your good health. Once you are equipped with calculations of your various cholesterol counts, it becomes easier for you to chalk out a line of action to combat excess of cholesterol.

Other fat calculation test would also help you ascertain whether you are at risk of high cholesterol. These fat calculation tests include BMI or Body Mass Index test and Electrical Impedance Measurement or Analysis test. If excess fat is indicated by these tests you should immediately check out your cholesterol level.

Hence regular cholesterol tests would ensure a life free of cardiac complications for you.