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Top 5 Changes in Your Life Style That Will Lower Your Cholesterol

 Top 5 Changes in Your Life Style That Will Lower Your Cholesterol

This is a basic guide to the changes a doctor will ask you to make when your cholesterol level gets out of hand. Basic changes in small parts of your life can amount to big changes in your cholesterol level, and ultimately add years on to your life. Even if you are taking or plan on taking cholesterol medication, you should still follow these lifestyle changes in order to make your medication more effective.

Top 5 Changes in Your Life Style That Will Lower Your Cholesterol

1. Exercise

Regular exercise is key to keeping a healthy heart and maintaining normal cholesterol levels. It is proven that if you exercise regularly, you are 45% less likely of developing coronary artery disease.

2. Diet

Diets that are low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol are essential in lowering your cholesterol level. Saturated fat is found most in foods from animals and some plants like beef fat, butter, cheese, poultry fat, milk coconut oil, and palm oil. (lower cholesterol through diet Changes).

3. Weight Loss

Losing anywhere from 5-10 pounds can drastically reduce your cholesterol and triglycerides level. Changing your diet to only foods with minimal amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol as well as regular exercise and cutting calories will help you loose weight.

4. Change Your Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking decreases your HDL (good cholesterol) levels and changes your LDL cholesterol to a form that endorses the buildup of cholesterol deposits on the walls of your arteries. Smoking also increases your overall chances of developing heart disease and is the leading cause of preventable death in America.

High stress levels also increase your cholesterol level, so try to limit the amount of high stress at home and at work.

5. Cholesterol Medication

Many new medications have been created that can drastically reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body while raising the amount of good cholesterol. You should consult your doctor to see if this might be an option for you. Although cholesterol medication can be very affective, it can also become very expensive.