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Medications That Help Reduce Cholesterol Level

 Medications That Help Reduce Cholesterol Level

Excess cholesterol deposition often results in cardiovascular maladies. People who tend to over eat and consume fat rich diets in excess are more prone to develop high level of LDL cholesterol. This LDL cholesterol that is also known as bad cholesterol is a reason behind coronary artery diseases. There are three ways of lowering down the level of LDL. Either you can opt for dietary measures, physical workouts or cholesterol medications. Dietary controls in consonance with physical workouts offer you a long run solution but immediate slump in LDL cholesterol could be only brought about by certain medications that check excess deposition of bad cholesterol.

Medications That Help Reduce Cholesterol Level

Medications for cholesterol control are synthetic pharmaceuticals and most of them happen to be derivatives of various chemical acids.

Among all medicines of cholesterol control Statin medicines are most popular. Medicines of this group effectively reduce level of bad cholesterol but it's excess use may cast an adverse effect on your kidney. These medicines serve the twin purpose of lowering LDL or bad cholesterol and increase the level of HDL or good cholesterol.

A group of chemical inhibitors called absorption inhibitors have been also found effective in regulating LDL level. These are newly introduced medicines but doctors have given their approval for them. Ezetimibe happens to be one such inhibitor that absorbs excess cholesterol in intestines.

Omega 3 fatty acids could be consumed to control high level of cholesterol. Omacor is a drug associated with this group. This medicine is slowly gaining acceptance as very little side effects of this drug have been noticed.

Bile acid-resins happen to be another common group of medication for cholesterol control. Medicine of this group is called binder as it binds bad cholesterol with bile in order to prevent cholesterol from entering into the blood circulation.

Fibrates group of medication also known as fabric acid derivatives could be used. But it doesn't bring the desired slump in LDL level. Tricor is one of the popular drug of this group. These medicines don't carry any side effects.

Like Statins, Niacin medicines are very commonly in use by folks afflicted with high level of LDL. Niaspan drug is a new addition to the list of Niacin drugs. These medicines are basically various compositions of Nicotinic acids.

All these cholesterol medications are prescription medications and should be strictly taken in consultation with the doctor. You need to be vary particular about the dosage. Seeing gravity of your problem doctors would suggest frequency of drug intake.

To sum up, you must remember that medications offer a temporary solution. If you want to keep yourself free of high cholesterol you need to maintain a regulated diet along with regular physical work outs.

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