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How Excess Calorie Intake Results In More Cholesterol?

 How Excess Calorie Intake Results In More Cholesterol?

Most of you live with this presumption that excess fat consumption is real catalyst in production of excess cholesterol. However the reality is little twisted. Although saturated fat intake is a contributor to total cholesterol, what considerably affects cholesterol is your excess of total calorie intake that may not necessarily be an outcome of fat intake.

A greater percentage of cholesterol is produced by liver. Liver instead of directly depending on saturated fats for cholesterol productions depends on calories contributed by various food products including fats. (How Cholesterol Works).

How Excess Calorie Intake Results In More Cholesterol?

So folks, gear up to maintain your calorie intake by sticking to a disciplined dietary practice. With the help of a dietitian you can get acquainted with your calorie and nutritional requirements and accordingly develop your food habits.

Excess calorie intake gives a way to weight gain and obesity which has a direct connection with higher level of cholesterol deposition. A good number of people are ignorant of the fact that extra food supplements and nutrients that they consume may cast an adverse effect on body if taken unnecessarily. For, all these tend to increase your calorie content, paving the way for excess cholesterol deposition.

Normal calorie requirement usually fluctuates between two thousand calories to twenty three hundred calories a day.

If you happen to be a middle age folk you are more prone to high level of Lipoprotein so you should refrain from consuming nutritious food vociferously. Instead you should remain contended with fiber products. For the sake of lessening the calorie content you may give up eggs and red meats that include beef as well as pork.

Milk products are full of calories and propel a considerable surge in total calories, so better take a regulated amount of milk foods. You also have an option of enjoying fat free milk products for the same reason.

There could be no substitute of vegetables and fiber foods in lowering your calorie intake for the purpose of cholesterol reduction. Along with vegetables you can rely on some low calorie fruits too.

However while containing your calorie intake for cholesterol reduction, you must not deprive your body from certain essential nutrients and contents that are required for normal functioning of body. By doing so, you would only harm yourself.

People with an urgency to contain cholesterol, must seek refuge in a stricter diet chart having sufficient explanations about calorie contribution of various food items.

To sum up, do away with excess of calories for your better health.