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Aerobics: To Prevent Cholesterol Build Up

 Aerobics: Best Tool In The Hands Of Old And Young To Prevent Cholesterol Build Up

When it comes to physical exercises, the first image that flashes across our minds is that of a hefty body builder with loads of muscles all over. That may be the general impression of what exercising and working out has to do to the body, but they do a lot more that what meets the eye, quite literally. They not only firm the body up but also make the internal organs function better. The foremost among such exercises are the aerobic exercises.

Aerobics: Best Tool In The Hands Of Old And Young To Prevent Cholesterol Build Up

Aerobic exercises are meant to let body gather more oxygen. The term aerobic itself stands for with oxygen. Therefore, aerobic exercises are those exercises that are not aimed at building muscles but are meant to make them more supple and flexible. Besides, they increase the oxygen supply to the cells, thereby increasing their functional ability.

Aerobics involve repetitive rhythmic and vigorous movement of the body, which enhances energy consumption of the body. The cells start burning a greater amount of oxygen to keep up with the activity, which makes the lungs work harder to ingest oxygen and the heart works faster to supply oxygen to the cells through blood. These two vital organs get stronger and healthier in the process. The blood vessels are also toned up and come in better shape. Since the blood flows faster and more forcefully, the accumulated lipids are washed away. It has also been found that aerobics promote the growth of the HDL, which is considered to be good cholesterol, as it takes bad cholesterol back to the liver.

Experts opine that a balanced diet and regular exercise is the only viable defense against cholesterol build up. They also feel that weight training, which is primarily for muscle building is not for everyone and may also result in muscle injuries. Therefore, aerobics is the right kind of exercise that does all the good to the body without causing any danger of muscle injuries. Besides, aerobics can be performed by the young and old alike. You need not be strong enough to lift dumbbells. Be good enough to stand on your feet and move your body. So as long as you do it right, it serves you as well as any other exercise regimen.